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Welcome to Palamaran Adventures! Our executive board members are dedicated to marketing and promoting epic fantasy tales through books, magazines and other printed materials. Our first premier saga of the Medford Family Chronicles includes FOUR action packed stories with memorable and enjoyable characters involving magic, monsters, love, triumph, capricious deities, general chaos and major mayhem. More books are planned.

New Series! Check out our NEW Book! Unexpected Entanglements: Palamaran Legends and Heroes Volume 1!

Paula Abdul said it best, Opposites Attract. This book is about a chivalrous, Lawful Good, noble Paladin and a wickedly Chaotic Evil and seductive Anti-Paladin falling in love with each other. Who would have thought it? The Multiverse will shake! For advanced 1st Edition copies of this book, please contact the author at ramapogg@gmail.com. 20% discount from cover price at just $15.00 per copy plus shipping.

Our original series – The Medford Family Chronicles, has FOUR volumes! All are available here and on Amazon.com for paperback and kindle  ebook!

See our Amazon Author’s Profile page on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/John-Paul-Ried/e/B00Z4OW910/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

The first volume in our history, Reckless Ambitions: the Medford Family Chronicles Volume 1, sets the stage for our legends complete with an appendix, a Palamaran creation myth, and a sneak peak teaser of our second story. Reckless Ambitions has three major plots and numerous interlocking subplots involving natural, supernatural, psionic and cosmic forces intermingled with vicious power plays, military coups, intrigue and battles between armies.

The beloved and respected Emperor John Cardillion IV is dead. His four sons, a Cleric, a Fighter, a Magic User and a Thief/businessman, all intend to destroy each other to rule the Palamaran Empire. Earl Thomas Medford, the Lord Chancellor, intends to win the impending civil war and marry his daughter off to the next Emperor. Which brother to choose because all four are greedy, selfish, despicable, megalomaniacs?

Lady Christina Medford and Imperial Guard officer Nicholas Armand have fallen hopelessly in love despite their duties and responsibilities. If her father discovers or even suspects their romance then Tina, Nick and many of their friends might be quickly executed. Why take the risk? Love is insane and irresistible.

Gamemasters University wizard Oliver Wendell Enalan discovers to his considerable surprise that he has tremendous latent psionic powers. Enalan intends to develop these new skills for everyone’s benefit but he never expected such a teacher. When phenomenal cosmic power clashes with reckless ambitions, you KNOW that many people are going to die.

Our second volume in our history of Palamar is entitled – Capricious Deities: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume 2, is NOW available for your pleasure!

The Palamaran Civil War continues! Emperor Thomas IV now suspects Nick and Tina’s romance and decides to take decisive action. The Imperial Palamaran Grand Army commanded by newly elevated Earl Paul Tenisal marches south to confront the Crusader Army for the Liberation of Palamar led by despotic Prince Philip Canalon and his brother, the fanatical Arch Cleric Simon Samelek. As both armies prepare for death grips near the sleepy town of Grabinth Hollow, none can truly anticipate several deities attempting to manipulate events and raising the stakes.

Gamemasters University Wizard Oliver Wendell Enalan has troubles of his own. Suddenly responsibility for the entire Palamaran intradimensional plane is landed on him though he still laments being unable to protect those he loves.

Both Nicholas Armand and Paul Tenisal by fate find themselves with deadly dilemmas. Committing vile treason or following orders?

Our Third Volume – Pivotal Ruckus: The Medeford Family Chronicles Volume 3, is a local story about how ordinary peole may be placed in extraordinary circumstances. Grace and Joseph are lovers who simply want to continue their happy lives together. Their home, the Forsaken Islands, is experiencing a boom and is suddenly being threatened by a huge humanoid invasion armada. But the Forsaken Islanders are even more concerned with their neighboring Ancient Purple Dragon who unpredictably destroys their town every hundred years or so.

Our Fourth Volume – Academic Mayhem: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume 4, will be available in July 2018! The next generation of heros and villians square off with our very first duneon crawl adventure! Will Liam ‘The Cleaver’ Thorensen and his assembled comrades be able to rescue his seven year old Granddaughter Kathy from evil, filthy, threatening Monsters? Will Octavian Oakley accidently slay everyone first without meaning too? Will the rest of the adventuring party work together for the common good? AND Finally, the Gamemasters University magicians take on the legendary Legions of the Nine Hells Dimensional Planes in a war that could unbalance the multiverse.

For more information about our AWESOME Palamaran legends, products and fun, please contact us anytime: ramapogg@gmail.com, or our office at (602) 317-3389.




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