Media Podcasts, Presentations, and Interviews!


Greetings All Loyal Palamarans!

This page will provide links to several podcasts I have completed in promoting the Medford Family Chronicles. If you have too, just copy the links below and paste them into your browser window.

We have a NEW Podcast conducted by our publisher Patti Hultstrand! Here is the link and check it out. November 8th, 2018!

2. With James Spring 4/14/17

3. Serious Readers Written Interview 2/22/17

4. Lisa Pearl Live Authors Hour 1/25/17

5. Lisa Pearl Live Authors Hour 12/14/16

6. Windy West Interview with Myself and Ron Tobin.


1. Sun Devil Fan Fest 4/9/17

2. Sun Devil Fan Fest May 2018!



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