Media Podcasts, Presentations, and Interviews!


Greetings All Loyal Palamarans!

This page will provide links to several podcasts I have completed in promoting the Medford Family Chronicles. If you have too, just copy the links below and paste them into your browser window.

1. James Spring, who is a master pod caster and promoter in Tuscon AZ, is a gracious host and has interviewed us MANY times. Here is the single link to ALL of our podcasts done with him. If you want to do a FREE podcast with him, here is the link!

2. This Podcast was conducted by our publisher Patti Hultstrand! Here is the link and check it out. November 8th, 2018!

3. Serious Readers Written Interview 2/22/17

4. Lisa Pearl Live Authors Hour 1/25/17

5. Lisa Pearl Live Authors Hour 12/14/16


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